PRISM Edutives is spearheaded by three moms !! Hemangi Shah, Rushina Shah and Gauri Shankar.

As educators and mothers we have taken utmost care whilst designing these games to ensure that they are fun, educative and have an out of the box approach. We have also ensured that we maintain the quality of materials provided to you in the games and besides being colourful and attractive; they are of a superior quality and are child-friendly. We have taken care to address every element of the game, providing you with all the required tools to conduct these games in the most satisfactory manner.

We believe that the attention span of our children is getting shorter by the day so we have devised variants for most of our games other than the conventional way, thereby adding different dimensions of fun to a single game.

This versatility makes it a useful addition to libraries of schools as it can then be used as teaching aids and for evaluation techniques as well.


PRISM Edutives is driven by the belief that each child is unique and multi-faceted. Like our name suggests we at PRISM turn a single ray of light (passion) into a kaleidoscope of colours with our fun filled games and activities.

We at PRISM devise, design and manufacture board games based on Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence and in tandem with modern curriculae.


PRISM Edutives understands the dilemma faced by today’s parents perfectly, i.e. how to give the child a stimulation of the highest order, whilst taking them away from constant use of electronic gadgets and gizmos and to engage them in hands on play whereby their social skills will also be enhanced. To accomplish this and to also enhance learning by awakening their different spheres of intelligences we at PRISM have devised various board games and activities.

Each of these games tackles one or more intelligence like linguistic, mathematical, logical, visual, kinaesthetic etc.


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