Prism Edutives Board Games for Kids

PRISM Edutives is spearheaded by three moms !! Hemangi Shah, Rushina Shah and Gauri Shankar.

As educators and mothers we have taken utmost care whilst designing these games to ensure that they are fun, educative and have an out of the box approach. We have also ensured that we maintain the quality of materials provided to you in the games and besides being colourful and attractive; they are of a superior quality and are child-friendly. We have taken care to address every element of the game, providing you with all the required tools to conduct these games in the most satisfactory manner.

Prismei Edutives is an out of the box approach by 3 mothers to enhance every child's knowledge and skills by innovative board games for kids. The games are designed in a creative way that attracts the kid's eye and intends them to play. In today's modern gadget world, it is necessary to upbring the child with the indoor games that can be played together and also enhances the child's memory power and thinking process. The educational toys for kids which are offered in a wide range by prismei help to intensify the kid's intelligence at a very early age. The board games and educational toys are a good combination of fun with learning for the kids. The objective of prismei edutives is to enhance the child's overall skills.

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Hemangi Shah +91 98200 45964

Gauri Shankar +91 98200 27598

Rushina Shah +91 98202 86640

+91 99875 42993

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