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Educational Board Games for 5 Year Olds

Prismei provides educational games for 5 year olds which can encourage your kids to learn while having fun. Playing and having fun is necessary for children to develop their memory power and analytical skills. Prismei have focused on above points and introduce board games which can help your kids to develop their social skills while playing games.
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This is a unique game for everyone to identify, familiarize and connect with Indian culture, heritage, the diverse festivals, sports and heroes.

Relate the pictures to the clues given on the clue cards and shout out BINGO!!


  • Bingo Board
  • 30 Reusable tickets
  • 60 clue cards
  • 60 counters to place on the board and extra 40 counters.

How to Play:

  • One person will conduct the game and act as the Quiz master.
  • Give each of the remaining players a ticket. A player can have more than one ticket too.
  • The Quiz master will shuffle the clue cards and place them face down.
  • He will then pick up a card and read the clue.
  • The players need to solve the clue and identify the correct picture for that clue., if they have the respective image on their ticket then they will press it out.
    IMP: If they fail to identify the picture for that clue they will not be able to press out the image on their ticket.
  • The Quiz master needs to place a counter on the picture done, on the board, to verify any claims.
  • Prizes may be given for 4 corners, first five, 1nd Row, 3st Row, 2rd Row and full ticket.

    The person conducting the game may ask the question on the card and wait for the right answer. On receiving the right answer, he can show the image on his card to the players. The players will press out the image on their ticket, if they have it.

    Prizes can given out for different combinations like, all images in a V shape, diagonal lines, etc.

Age Group: +5 Years


(Use your mathematical and analytical skills to race to the finish line)

How to play:-

  • Each player chooses a car and places it at the start of his or her chosen track.
  • He will have to answer the questions from the question bank that matches his track colour. (e.g. If I have chosen a yellow track then I will choose yellow question bank)
  • Each question bank has 2 Levels.
  • The player who starts rolls both the given dice together. (One colour die denotes the number in the tens place and the other colour denotes the units place. The choice of colour is at the discretion of the players.)
  • On rolling the dice read the numbers displayed on both the dice, ie the tens die and the units die and the resulting number will denote the question number that has to be answered.
    (for Eg:- if the units die reads 5 and the tens die reads 3, then the number is 35 and the player has to solve question no 35)
  • The question will be asked by the player sitting to the right of the player who rolled the dice.
  • The player has to answer that question correctly to move ahead.
  • If the player answers incorrectly then he has to wait for another turn to move ahead.
  • If the question has already been asked during the game then the player must roll the dice again for a new question.
  • The players also need to follow instructions written on the track during the course of the game to move ahead.
  • The player who completes the circuit first - wins the game.
  • You can create your own quiz too!!

Available in 2 levels: Junior for grades 1 to 3 and Senior for grades 4 to 7.

Contents : Racing track flex , Question booklet with answers, 4 cars and 2 dice.

Age Group: +5 Years


Journey Through India...

The word Parikrama means a path surrounding an Object. Through this game we give each child an exciting mental and physical experience of doing a parikrama around their motherland-India.

Learning objectives:-

  • Learning about the political division of India.
  • Identifying the states, capitals and their locations.
  • Equipping them to play a fun recall Memory Game wherever they are.
  • Spending fun filed hours with their friends, Twisting and Turning on the Map of India.

Contents for Memory and Twist and Turn games:-

  • 6’x4’ A representative political map of India on vinyl.
  • An A4 size labelled political map of India
  • A deck of cards representing the Indian States and Union Territories
  • A deck cards representing the respective capitals
  • A die
  • Instruction leaflet

Age Group: +5 Years

Instruction Leaflet

  • How to play the Memory Game- (Players 4-6)
  • Shuffle both the decks of cards together.
  • Lay them face down in a random order on the floor.
  • The player chooses two cards to turn.
  • If a capital matches the state it becomes a set and he keeps it with him, if it doesn’t match he lays them back and the next player chooses.
  • The capital on one card has to match the corresponding state on the other to make a proper set.
  • This goes on till all the cards are collected
  • The one with the maximum sets is declared winner


The key to this game is remembering the position of the cards up turned by other players. This thus enhances the memory of the players.

How to play Twist and Turn- (upto 8 players)

  • Make two teams
  • Shuffle only the deck of STATES cards and keep it face down
  • Lay the vinyl map of India on the floor
  • The die has four faces-LH-Left hand, RH-Right hand, LF- Left foot, RF- Right foot.
  • Let one player from each team stand on either side of the map
  • The rest of the players will take turns in drawing a card and rolling the die.
  • The face on the top of the die indicates the body part that the player has to place on the state shown on the card picked.
  • The team mate then instructs the player on the state chosen, to put the relevant hand or leg.
  • The player will have to identify the state, if either the state or the body part are wrong the team loses and the opposite team gets a point.
  • If both teams are correct then the next team member draws and rolls again.
  • If both players identify all correctly then the team whose player who loses his balance first is declared out and the opposite team gets the point.
  • The team with the maximum points wins.

Important:- The player on the map cannot move his hand or foot from the previous position unless the die says so.

The fun element of this game is when two players get tangled on the map and find it difficult to maintain their balance


How to play:-

  • To begin all the players place their chosen color counters at the starting point on Number 1.
  • Choosing who starts first can either be done by rolling the die and whoever gets 6 starts or can be done by any other method of random selection.
  • The player who starts first rolls the die; the number displayed is the number of steps he needs to take. He counts those on the board without moving his counter and reaches the required square. He must then pick up one card from the deck of cards of the particular color that he has landed on. For eg:- if he has drawn four on the die, then he has to reach four, pick the card of the color that is square four.
  • He then answers the question on the card drawn. It could be an artistic one where he has to draw the word out or a linguistic one where the picture is given and he has to write the relevant word.
  • On successfully answering the question the player gets to move his counter to the square. If the player cannot answer then he has to remain where he is without moving and wait for his turn again to try to move.
  • The player reaching the finish that is number 50 first is declared a winner.
  • The game comes equipped with paper and pencils to enable the players to draw and write.

Age Group: +4 Years




  • Let each player draw 15 candies from the box.
  • He has to make a sentence from those candies.
  • He need not use all the candies that are drawn.
  • The sentence will be scored according to the colours of the candies used by him.
    (Score key provided below)
  • Replace the candies used by taking the same from the box.
  • Each player makes his or her own sentences
  • From their next turn each player can join words to the sentence previously made BY THEM or make a new sentence altogether.
  • In case no addition to a previous sentence or formation of a new sentence is possible THEN the player can change ALL CANDIES for new ones and wait for his next turn to continue his game.
  • If a player draws a YELLOW candy then it can be used by him as any word he wants to.
  • The game continues until all the candies are over.
  • The player with the maximum points is declared the winner.








  • Each player is dealt 7 cards. The rest of the cards are placed face down in the center.
  • The player to whom the cards are dealt first will start. The game proceeds with players in playing in a clockwise direction.
  • The player will make a sentence with one of his picture card and put the card in the center.
  • Each player has to connect to that sentence with one of his cards so as to form a story. If a connection is not possible with his cards, then he will have to draw one card from the deck in the center.
  • The connection has to be sensible. If ALL THE PLAYERS disagree to the addition, only then will a player withdraw his card.
  • The player who successfully connects all his cards first to the story will win. He needs to shout out “FABLER” when the last card remains in his hand, that is – when he plays his second last card.
  • If a player plays a card with red words, then the player who is going to play next will have to do what is written on it.
  • You cannot change the form of the words but plurals are allowed.
  • This game can be played in a timed mode, if desired.


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