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Prismei Edutives have come up with a math based games to not only enhance the alphabetical skills but also the mathematics and analytical skills of your child. Prismei offers Race-O-Mathic type of games for your children to read and learn numbers and calculations in an effective way.


(Use your mathematical and analytical skills to race to the finish line)

How to play:-

  • Each player chooses a car and places it at the start of his or her chosen track.
  • He will have to answer the questions from the question bank that matches his track colour. (e.g. If I have chosen a yellow track then I will choose yellow question bank)
  • Each question bank has 2 Levels.
  • The player who starts rolls both the given dice together. (One colour die denotes the number in the tens place and the other colour denotes the units place. The choice of colour is at the discretion of the players.)
  • On rolling the dice read the numbers displayed on both the dice, ie the tens die and the units die and the resulting number will denote the question number that has to be answered.
    (for Eg:- if the units die reads 5 and the tens die reads 3, then the number is 35 and the player has to solve question no 35)
  • The question will be asked by the player sitting to the right of the player who rolled the dice.
  • The player has to answer that question correctly to move ahead.
  • If the player answers incorrectly then he has to wait for another turn to move ahead.
  • If the question has already been asked during the game then the player must roll the dice again for a new question.
  • The players also need to follow instructions written on the track during the course of the game to move ahead.
  • The player who completes the circuit first - wins the game.
  • You can create your own quiz too!!

Available in 2 levels: Junior for grades 1 to 3 and Senior for grades 4 to 7.

Contents : Racing track flex , Question booklet with answers, 4 cars and 2 dice.

Age Group: +5 Years


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